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The Lifeblood of an Author's Business

I confess that this blog post may not be what you are expecting. You're probably expecting me to talk about some sort of creative flow, or or maybe share some genius marketing idea, but I'm afraid that's not at all what I want to chat about.

I want to talk about reviews.

For new authors (and, I suspect, non-new authors who aren't household names), there are two things that will get people to read your books. One is extensive marketing that puts your book in front of thousands of people. If you're new or self-published, you lack that kind of marketing support and you have to beat the metaphoric street and find your own readers. The second "magic bullet" is a sizable collection of reader reviews.

Reviews are critical for new readers, because in combination with a great cover, the words of people who read the book give potential purchasers a good sense of whether the book is worth the money and time (both of which are precious). Reviews also have a significant impact on a book's "searchability" in the algorithm on sites like Amazon. Once a writer accrues 50 reviews, sales sites pop the book up in shoppers' recommendations and helps the author's work get SEEN.

So hey, here's a word of encouragement: if you like an

author's work, take two minutes of your time and drop a review on sites like Goodreads, Amazon, or Net Galley. It means the world to us.

And on the subject of reviews, there are some terrific reviewers out there on TikTok and YouTube. Reviewer Elaine Stephens (Book and a BeeReviews) recently posted this marvelous review of Rise of the Moon and Rush to Judgement! Check it out here, and give Elaine a "like" and "subscribe". You won't regret it!

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