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Tune in for a raucous chat with me and ICHOR AND INK's Micah and Chelsea!
Instagram Shenanigans!

Ever wonder what writers get up to during Happy Hour?

Join me, CD McKenna (The Vorelian Saga), and Micah Campbell (Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, and Folklore) as we chat about music, writing projects, and haunted putt putt courses. No sales pitches in sight!

Check out Middle-Aged and Creeped Out on Spotify!
Middle-Aged and Creeped Out Podcast

Had a great time in this interview with the MAACO boys. I love their blend of friendship, scary local folklore, and spooky stories from around the world.

Check out the interview here!

Award-winning  RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, Book 2 of the Arcana series, will be released in October 2023.

The Storyteller's Saga 

Listen in as podcaster and urban legend expert MICAH CAMPBELL and I get up to some chatty shenanigans!

My very first podcast interview with Anatolian Press' Micah Campbell.
YouTube's Brittany C was one of the lucky few to see RISE OF THE MOON and RUSH TO JUDGEMENT in their original release. Here's her review!

Review: The Arcana Series on Brittany's Books and Beers

Sassy and smart book reviewer Brittany witches out while reviewing RISE OF THE MOON and RUSH TO JUDGEMENT!

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