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The ARCANA...Who are they?

The idea of an enchanted talisman is not a particularly new one in literature, and in the ARCANA series, the tarot cards are attached to key characters who develop abilities (no spoilers!) based on the qualities each card represents. Below are some of the players in the series, and what each card represents (which will give you a hint at what you can expect from the character).


THE MOON (Lia Alvarez)

The Moon card represents the power of intuition. It also represents illusion and the subjects fears and anxieties. It can also represent dreams and visions and the emergence of psychic abilities.

When Lia's powers awaken, she falls into a story that's already well in motion, though she doesn't realize it. Learning how to use her abilities is the key to establishing her place in the magical society of which her family has been a part for generations.


As one might expect, the Judgement card represents "reaping what you sow", and the idea of karmic cause and effect. It can also represent forgiveness and finding one's calling.

In Book 2 of the ARCANA series, Aria's call to power comes in the wake of some pretty significant family drama. She learns that not everything is as it appears, and that people's actions and motivations aren't always as clear-cut as she's been led to believe.

STRENGTH (Zora Bello)

The meaning of the Strength card is fairly self-evident, but it also represents confidence, willpower, moral fortitude, courage, and determination.

Zora is more pivotal than she first appears, and her skillset allows her to begin to bring the Card holders together. Her role is critical to the final culmination of how the story unfolds, and she has a unique set of challenges to overcome which will cause her to question everything she's been taught.

THE MAGICIAN (Dorian Blair)

The Magician card represents power, control, confidence, and skill. It is a card that represents leadership in action.

Sorry, can't tell you much about Dorian, because I promised NO SPOILERS, and his story is evolving throughout the series. What I can tell you, though, is that he's a man with a plan!


The Fool

When the Fool is in play, be ready for adventure, because impulsiveness and naivete are in the mix. The Fool can be innocent, even to the point of foolishness, which can either make life really interesting or really dangerous...maybe both!

The Empress

She is the epitome of female wisdom. She represents fertility, motherhood, protectiveness, and abundance.

The Hermit

Got a problem and need advice? The Hermit's advice is second to none, as this card represents wisdom, counsel, and awareness. The Hermit is above the petty concerns of the world and sees the big picture.


Don't be alarmed...the Death card doesn't always mean death (but sometimes it does); it means change, transformation, and the polar opposites of destruction and renewal.

The Devil

Rather than the horned and hoofed character you might imagine, the Devil card represents temptation and greed. It can also represent self-interest and darkness, which can unquestionably lead to evil if not tempered with other influences.

The Tower

The Tower is the agent of traumatic change and chaos. That may sound like a bad thing, but sometimes traumatic change is the only way to get things done.

Are there any particular cards you might like to see personified in the series? Consider joining my Launch Team (check out the PROMOTIONS page), and you might get to have some input!

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