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It's That Holiday Feeling...

I admit it. I'm one of those people who holds that Christmas begins on November 1. The temptation to pull out the tree and wreath and lights before all the Halloween candy is even gone is a definite struggle. I love the vibe around the holidays, and I think a big part of it is that I DEEPLY love giving gifts. I love planning them, buying them, wrapping them, and seeing the reaction once the paper is torn away.

Honestly, I love gift-giving more when it's something I've made, but the truth is that not everyone appreciates home-made gifts (I've learned that the hard way).

This pre-holiday season, I have a home-made gift to give that might have more time invested in it that any other present I've ever made: I am overjoyed to share with you, dear readers, Arcana Book Two: Rush to Judgement. It may sound a little arrogant to call it a gift, I suppose, but the truth is that it's something I've worked hard on for a very long time (on and off for 15 years...see my previous blog, "The 15-Year Sequel"), and I'm putting it out there for you to consume and enjoy (it's even free for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited, if that's your jam).

If I'm honest, I'm not even making money on my writing yet. What little does come in from book sales goes right back out the door for marketing, graphic design, or similar expenses. But I've realized something important: that's what makes this book a gift. My excitement to share Aria and her story with you is not about making money; it's about continuing the ARCANA story and being able to engage with all of you around how the story is progressing. The feeling I have tonight as I sit here writing this blog is the same feeling I get when I'm waiting for someone to open a present I've so carefully wrapped.

So many of you have told me how excited you are to see where the ARCANA story is going, and I'm just screaming on the inside because I can't wait for you to find out. (I'm terrible about this feeling...whenever I buy someone a holiday gift, I have to hide it from myself or I won't be able to wait to give it!) Everything is lined up and ready to go,...all I have to do is click "publish".


(If it's hard for you to wait, too, you can pre-order it on Amazon Kindle right now!)

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