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Latest Release

January 1, 2021

Check out the latest work by JB Caine, Arcana Book One: Rise of the Moon.

When 16-year-old Lia Alvarez, a quirky high school junior in St. Augustine, Florida comes into unexpected power thanks to an enchanted tarot card, her reality is in for a torrent of changes.  While trying to figure out how this new power will figure into her life, Lia uncovers a surprising family history and the political machinations of a secret magical society vying for control of not only her life, but also in the world at large. Swept into a battle between the belief in free will and the temptations of control by the powerful, Lia must choose a side and defend her beliefs, her family, and her freedom.

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Rise of the Moon, girl with moon, tarot cards
Desk with Book

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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