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JB Caine
Fiction Writer

Published Author

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RISE OF THE MOON won FIRST PLACE in the YA>Legends and Lore division of the Fall, 2023 Bookfest Awards!

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Latest Release

October 15, 2023

Death and grief are Aria Rush's constant companions, but when she miraculously survives a deadly car accident, her world is thrust into a realm where the living and the dead collide.

Haunted by the ghostly tales that have plagued her family's estate for generations, Aria's reality takes a chilling twist as a baleful entity begins to stalk the hallowed grounds. With the specter of danger lurking around every corner, she embarks on a treacherous journey to safeguard the remnants of her fractured bloodline.

But when the ancient power of Judgement is unshackled, Aria finds herself ensnared in a web of darkness spun by the Magician. With an insatiable hunger for dominion and control, he seeks to exploit her newfound connection to the supernatural. As she navigates an insidious path through a world teetering on the brink of chaos, Aria must confront her own inner demons while shielding her family from the malevolent forces determined to destroy them.

Dare to dive into this thrilling sequel to Rise of the Moon and prepare to traverse worlds of shadow and light before you come up for air!

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Now Available on Kindle Vella!

Jump on board for this high fantasy adventure! The stage is set when an elderly mage asks a group of adventurers-for-hire to deliver a package to a colleague a few days' journey away. Add in a loyal friend, a crime syndicate, and a few shady characters, and the drama begins.

Episodes 1-3 available FREE on Kindle Vella!

Ironshield's Shadow is a high fantasy adventure on Kindle Vella.
Desk with Book

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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