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JB Caine
Fiction Writer

Published Author

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RISE OF THE MOON won FIRST PLACE in the YA>Legends and Lore division of the Fall, 2023 Bookfest Awards!

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Latest Release

March 12, 2024

"The whispers returned, only now they sounded like distant shrieking, their origins deep within the column of blackness..."

When they discover that both the Black Moon and a new and dangerous cult are after the Books as well, our adventurers must pull together despite ever-growing doubts and dubious alliances to get to the Books before the amassing dark forces do. Even after a devastating loss, the must brave a mysterious ghost town, the hidden lands of the Storm Elves, and even the domain of the Goddess Hohn Herself in order to succeed in their quest.

The Book of Life (1) (2)_edited.jpg


In a world where ancient magic and dark secrets intertwine, Death awaits.

A band of intrepid adventurers, guided by the enigmatic Goddess Epi, embarks on an epic quest to uncover the legendary Book of Death. Their journey takes them to the distant land of Benedictus, where a mysterious and reclusive king holds the key to their fate.

To claim the Book of Death, they must cross the sea and the Veil between life and death. Magic and blood will flow as they journey to a distant fae village to deliver Epi's message, and as they traverse the treacherous paths of a hallowed cemetery, they will face monstrous entities and the restless spirits of the past. Long-held secrets will be dragged into the light and death will claim one of their own.

But their most formidable challenge lies within the Realm of Death itself—a place where the boundaries between life and the afterlife blur, and where unredeemable souls reside.

Bound by fate and driven by the Deities themselves, these adventurers must summon all their courage and strength to find and retrieve the Book of Death. For within its pages lies a power that could either save their world or doom it to eternal darkness.

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Desk with Book

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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